The Flight Simulator 2022 For PC Advantage

The Virtual Pilot 3D 2022 Advantage – Top Flight Simulator 2022 For PC

best new flight simulator 2022Which is the Best Flight Simulator 2022? Is it the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020? Or is it the Pro Flight Simulator ?  Actually, it is neither. The Best New Flight Simulator 2022 is Virtual Pilot 3D 2022. Created by three young engineers, this is by far the most realistic flight simulator available in the market right now.

There just isn’t another flight simulator that approximates real world scenarios as well as Virtual Pilot 3D 2022 does. Yes, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and Pro Flight Simulator have been around for a long time now. But they are just not in the same league as Virtual Pilot 3D 2022 when it comes to realistic weather patterns, cockpits, terrains, aircrafts, complexity of the controls and so on.

Here, we discuss some of the major advantages of Virtual Pilot 3D 2022. This should give you a good idea of why it is regarded by a growing number of flying enthusiasts and even by those training to be commercial pilots to be the Best Flight Simulator 2022.

 The Virtual Pilot 3D 2022 Advantage

Advantage #1: Virtual Pilot 3D 2022 is Certified by the FAA

There are very few flight simulators out there that are FAA certified. Virtual Pilot 3D 2022 is one.  It has been approved by the FAA for being used for training purposes in flying schools in the USA. FAA’s approval has made it acceptable for many flying schools to use this software as a live training program for their students. It might interest you to know that the Flight Simulator 2022 can be downloaded from the internet for just $67. It costs tens of thousands of dollars to join a flying school.

Advantage #2: You Will Fly Actual Airline Routes

When you use this flight simulator game, you will have access to real sate from the VOC/VORTAC, such as the virtual pilot 3d 2022actual waypoints and frequencies. What that means is that you will be guided through the actual flying routes that all airlines are expected to follow. Isn’t that amazing?  This is almost the same as flying an actual plane.

You will have to follow the exact procedures such approaching a destination and departure from an airport. You must fly according to the instructions given by the airport authorities with regards to the route, altitude and path. You will have access to 25,000 airports, and will be required to follow the standard procedures when flying to each one of them. This really is unprecedented when it comes to flight simulators.

Advantage #3:  Smart Air Traffic Control (ATC)

This flight simulator gives you access to the most realistic Air Traffic Control modules. Indeed, you can go looking, but you won’t find this anywhere else, not even with the likes of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 or Pro Flight Simulator, which have been in the market for many more years. With Virtual Pilot 3D 2022 you can fly under the VFR or the IFR and request visual, LOC or ILS approaches. What’s more, you will have access to detailed vectors with respect to each of the 25,000 airports that is available with this software.

Advantage #4: 250+ Aircrafts

flight simulator 2022 for pcYou can fly so many different aircrafts with this Flight Simulator 2022. You will have access to realistic cockpits of massive passenger planes such as Airbus and Boeing. You will also be able to find out how it is like to fly a small private plane such as a Cessna. You will fly a variety of Cargo planes, Helicopters, World War 2 style fighter planes and more. You can even fly the same plane that was flown by the Wright brothers so many years ago. The level of detailing with each of these planes is staggering.

Advantage #5: You Can Use the Autopilot Too

Just as pilots in real life planes have access to auto-pilot, so do you with Virtual Pilot 3D 2022. You can make use of the auto-pilot mode to relax, enjoy your flight and survey the wonderful sights below. You can enjoy looking at the Grand Canyon as you fly past it.  You can see how the Taj Mahal looks from up in the air, as well as the French Alps. Have you been on an African Safari? You can fly over the African jungles with this Flight Simulator 2022 and get a glimpse of the thick forests below even as the plane is put on an auto-pilot. This is such an amazing feeling!

The Virtual Pilot 3D 2022 is by far the Best New Flight Simulator 2022 and it only costs $67.  Click here to buy Virtual Pilot 3D 2022 and find out just why it’s such a hit with flying hobbyists around the world.

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